Hyundai Xcent


$us. 503,000 - $us. 775,000

Car Description

Brilliance finds a new expression with Xcent. The very first look at this well-built car leaves an imprint on the heart of the car lovers.

The front facade has a wide windshield which is fixed with a pair of wipers. There is a radiator grille in chrome and an engraved company's logo in the center. The travelers are offered comforts like adjustable back seat head rests and more.

Its interior has enough leg and shoulder space that makes it comfortable for all the travelers. This compact sedan has a boot space of 407 liters. It has a fuel tank capacity of 43 liters. An advanced anti-lock braking framework is offered in all its trims to enhance its mechanism.

9 Styles: List Of Variants Of Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Xcent SX 1.2 1197 CC,19.10kmpl,Manual $us. 621,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent SX AT 1.2 (O) 1197 CC,19.10kmpl,Manual $us. 764,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent SX 1.2 (O) 1197 CC,19.10kmpl,Manual $us. 689,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent S 1.2 1197 CC,19.10kmpl,Manual $us. 582,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent Base 1.2 1197 CC,19.10kmpl,Manual $us. 503,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent SX 1.1 CRDi (O) 1120 CC,24.10kmpl,Manual $us. 775,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent SX 1.1 CRDi 1120 CC,24.10kmpl,Manual $us. 707,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent S 1.1 CRDi 1120 CC,24.10kmpl,Manual $us. 668,000View Details
Hyundai Xcent Base 1.1 CRDi 1120 CC,24.10kmpl,Manual $us. 587,000View Details

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