Tata Venture


$us. 477,000 - $us. 571,000

Car Description

Tata Venture is designed & built to withstand bad road conditions. It can be used for long trips and has been given a lot of storage space to accommodate huge baggage. Being a seven-seater, it is also a family friendly car.

The vehicle looks rectangular with its long side profile and little front dimension. It is made to look spacious. The interior of this van is well furnished with all the essential components that are expected to be present in a minivan. All these elements serve to provide great comfort for the travelers.

Its top speed ranges between 60 to 90 Kmph, and has a displacement limit of 1405cc.  Tata Venture also has side impact security beam, which helps the car to brace itself, if there is any mishap from the side.

8 Styles: List Of Variants Of Tata Venture

Tata Venture LX 7 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 477,000View Details
Tata Venture LX 8 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 484,000View Details
Tata Venture EX 7 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 503,000View Details
Tata Venture EX 8 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 511,000View Details
Tata Venture GX 7 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 554,000View Details
Tata Venture GX 8 STR 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 571,000View Details
Tata Venture GX 7 Str Captain Seats 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 570,000View Details
Tata Venture EX 7 Str Captain Seats 1405 CC,15.42kmpl,Manual $us. 520,000View Details

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